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Qld Super Street Title and NQ Formula 500 Title

19th November 2022

Echo Park Speedway is located in Collinsville, Queensland and has been left to ruins for more than 10 years.

Echo Park Speedway was built in 1988 by workers at Collinsville Mine with the design of the speedway track replicated from the Moranbah Speedway track.

The main track is an oval clay track surface 500m around the fence and 460m around the pole line with a track width of 18m and banking of 8 degrees.

The junior track is also made of a full clay surface and is featured on the infield with a outside line of 400m and a pole line of 360m allowing juniors to compete on their own track.

The track consists of a burn out pad of 40m x 40m that is located in the centre of the junior track allowing for burnout competitions to be carried out throughout the year.

In March 2017 Cyclone Debbie demolished the toilet blocks and damaged the tower and shed. With a long term lease secured with the Whitsunday Regional Council in April 2017 we commenced rebuilding the track and bringing it back to its former glory, with a completion date of mid-2021 planned.